Firehouse Gear
Firehouse Gear

ALEERS Ghana Limited is an emerging Safety and Security service provider birthed out of the years of experience and knowledge of individuals in the industry with detailed attention to clients safety needs. ALEERS is positioned to meet clients’ needs while ensuring value for money.
As a Safety and Security service provider, we deliver a range of products and Services from Personal Protective Equipment, First Aid and Safety Equipment, CCTV and Fire Alarm Systems installations, Firefighting Equipment, Working Tools and Accessories of different varieties, General Safety and Security Equipment and many more.
Our vision is to become the No. 1 Safety and Security Provider in Africa and ensure ALEERS becomes a household name in matters of Safety and Security.

Other equipment Include: Fire Hydrants, Landing Valves, Fire Hose Reels, Fire Cabinets,

Hydrant Hoses, Extinguishers, Gloves, Overalls, Safety Boots, Safety Spectacles, Goggles, Nose Masks and Respirators etc.

Fire Hoses

Products and Services

Protective Equipment: Respirators, Nose Masks, Reflective Vests, Safety boots, a range of Hand Gloves, Safety Helmets, Overalls, Rain Suits, Ear Plugs, Safety Goggles etc

Safety Equipment: High Grade Oil Spillage Kit sets, First Aid Boxes, Safety Cones, Reflective Tapes, Safety Delineators etc.

Safety Signage: Aleers offer a wide range of safety signs made from different kinds of material to suit your everyday need.

CCTV Surveillance & Access Control System.

Fire Detection & Firefighting System: Aleers has great brands of Fire Alarm Systems which aid in the detection and early warning of fire outbreaks. 

We also supply Valves, Fire Cabinets, Fire Hoses, Nozzles, Fire Hydrants Pipes, Carbon Dioxide Extinguishers, Dry Chemical Powder Extinguishers, Foam Extinguishers, Water Extinguishers etc.

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Personal Protective Equipment

Limits accidents at Sites & Provides Personal Protection to workers

Aleers pay particular attention to personal safety.Our carefully selected brands of PPEs ensure maximum personal protection while enhancing comfortability on the job.

These protective wears also come with enhanced durability and overall better field performance.

 Safety Equipment & Signage

Reduces to the barest minimum and Eliminates Occupational Health Hazards by providing safety protocols at sites.

We have high grade Oil Spillage Bins which come with assorted oil spill kit items for enhanced oil mop up.

Also in stock are First Aid Boxes with long shelf-life.

We offer a variety of signage on ABS Materials, Metal Sheets etc.

We have in stock fabricated signage and also do designing & fabrication of tailor made signage based on your needs.

We install these signage at your convenience.


Fire  Alarm Detection & Firefighting Equipment

Timely detection and fighting of fire to prevent loss of lives and damage to properties

We offer assessment and fire alarm system installations of top brands to protect lives and properties.
We also supply fire fighting equipment such as Fire Hose Reels, Hydrant Hoses, Pillar Hydrants, Valves, Nozzles, Fire Cabinets, a range of Fire Extinguishers etc.

CCTV & Access Control System

24hour Surveillance - You've got your sides flanked and your back watched.

At Aleers, we offer Security Systems - CCTV Surveillance & Access Control Systems which give you added protection against trespassers.
We do not only supply but also  install these systems.


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